February 22, 2007

What Glavine & Wagner Had To Say

Adam Rubin at AM New York, writes about Tom Glavine and what he had to say concerning Jimmy rollins's comments:

Tom Glavine, one of those elders in question, was quick to point out that Rollins was presenting an "opinion" and not a fact. Glavine was a member of 11 straight division winners in Atlanta, so he knows something about what the pecking order should be the next year, and Rollins wasn't following protocol."The Phillies were probably the most active team in our division," Glavine said, "but what you do in the winter - it looks good and it's nice to talk about - but it doesn't equate to anything. You brought in pieces of the puzzle, you hope they mesh and you hope they go out there and have a good year. But nobody's going to know that until the year starts."As

Billy Wagner put it, "Our motivation isn't to beat the Phillies. Our motivation is to win the World Series."

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