February 13, 2007

Wright On Winning It All

Ken Kernan at the NY Post writes about David Wright and what he feels the goal for the 2007 season will be:

When I asked David Wright yesterday what is the Mets' goal for 2007, he didn't blink. "Right now," Wright said, "it's got to be to win a World Series."

There it is in black and white. Good for Wright and the Mets. There is no more dancing around the subject. This spring the Mets don't have to make any of those silly statements that their goal is to play, "meaningful games in September."

And forget the excuse of not having playoff experience, that's out the window, too. The only goal is to win the World Series, plain and simple.

"Last year was a lot of firsts for a lot of guys, veterans and young guys," Wright, 24, explained at the team's spring training complex. "This year we have that playoff experience under our belt.

We know what it takes to win. We've been there, done that. I think we are a lot more confident in knowing what we are capable of doing going into this year. We have a little more swagger.

"We have the core group of guys coming back from last year, we have made some key off-season acquisitions. I think our bullpen is second to none in the National League."

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