February 20, 2007

Zambrano Signs 1-Yr Deal

Carlos Zambrano signed a one-year deal with the Cubs today, hours after SI columist Jon Heyman urged them to sign their ace ASAP. Zambrano signed a one-year deal worth $12.4 million dollars, prior to his arbitration hearing. He was said to be asking for $15.5 million, which means he will expect to sign after the season for somewhere around $20 million per season, for at least 5 seasons. Zambrano was 16-7 last season with a 3.41 ERA and 210 K's and is younger than Barry Zito, this year's winner of the "Gigante Gordo Contract - 2006!" It's very likely, however, after the Cubs spent over $300 million this off-season, that they will make a major play to sign Zambrano for 5 additional years, not wanting to lose him to Free Agency after this season. Personally, we'd rather go after Johan Santana, but would happily "settle" for Zambrano if the Cubs screw up his signing. He's certainly theres' to lose...

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