March 14, 2007

As The Rotation Rotates.....

Okay, as it stands today, here's how we see the current Mets rotation stacking up:

1. Tom Glavine

2. John Maine

3. Oliver Perez

4. Mike Pelfrey

5. Orlando Hernandez

Obviously, Glavine remains strong at number one. Maine moves to number two, and O-Hern to number five, simply because O-Hern is still rehabbing from his injury and is not at full strength while Maine continues to impress. Perez moves down to number 3, mostly due to necessity, as he is still a Jeckyl / Hyde pitcher, whom, we hope, shows more Jeckyl this season. At four, the biggest surprise so far, is Mike Pelfrey, who, it seems, after today's fine performance (1 run in 4 solid innings), is moving closer and closer towards making this rotation. That leaves Chan Ho Park, Philip Humber and Aaron Sele looking at other options. Sele could start the season in the bullpen as a long reliever; Humber is going to New Orleans to continue to strengthen his arm, but should be up to the bigs later on in the season; Park, however, remains the wild-card, as WIllie, Omar and all of the Mets' fans wait to see some overwhelming performances in the race for the final rotation spot. We hope it's Pelfrey, who has to make his rise sooner or later, and we prefer sooner!

This order will change again and again before the season starts, but we'll be taking a weekly look at it until the season opens.

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