March 24, 2007

Looks Like Our Bullpen Predictions Were Right On!

Yesterday, we predicted the following bullpen would open the season:

Wagner, Heilman, Schoenweis, Feliciano, Smith, Sele or Sosa and Park-

and today, on the Mets official website, (check out the article by clicking the title of this article) they announced that Willie Randolph is going to use Park in the bullpen in long relief (and Park was apparently pissed about not being a starter), Sele in a similar role, and that Smith had also made the team as a short, situational reliever. We were unsure if somehow Sosa was going to make the roster, but stated our preference for Sele, and we're happy to see this become reality. The amazing thing about our bullpen is that Sanchez is still injured, and might miss more time than originally expected; Mota is serving a suspension for the first 50 games; and Padilla is still injured and we have no idea when he might be ready, if at all. We WILL get Mota and Sanchez back, so this means that New Orleans will eventually have the strongest bullpen in AAA!

We will be at the Astros game tomorrow (Sunday) and the Dodgers game Monday, and we'll be posting first-hand recaps as well as pictures on both days. Things are finally starting to take shape, and in spite of the (meaningless) record this spring, our vets know when to turn it up - Opening Day, in 8 days - and MAN, do we LOVE the sound of that!!!!

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