March 26, 2007

Sanchez Needs Surgery - Jonathan (unfortunately) Called It! Damn Taxi!

UPDATE: Apparently, the "pop" that Sanchez heard in his shoulder was a break, and he will be out a minimum of 4 months. Remember that Pedro recently said that he didn't understand why Sanchez was rushing back, because his shoulder was worse than Pedro's. Now, if he comes back at all this season, it will probably be around the same time as Pedro. Good thing Omar always plans ahead, and this means that it might be possible for Burgos to still make the roster in the bullpen as a short-man to face one or two batters with his heat. Perhaps Chan Ho might be traded before next Monday...

At yesterday's game, Jonathan commented to me in the fourth inning that he's afraid that, since Duaner Sanchez was sent back to New York to be looked at, it'd meant he'd need surgery on his right shoulder again. Sure enough, like the forecasting witch that he is, we learned today that Sanchez is going to indeed need a second surgery after hearing a pop in the shoulder while throwing from a mound last Thursday. It was the first time he'd pitched off of a mound since last year's surgery of August 1st, a surgery that was to have repaired his separated shoulder, an injury suffered by Sanchez in a taxicab accident last July 30th. This is NOT what the doctor ordered...we'll have more details as they become available.

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