April 24, 2007

25 Years And Counting

Anthony Di Como a Mets.com, writes about Julio Franco and how he's coming up on his 25th anniversary in the Majors:

Twenty-five years has its way of blurring memories. So it is with Julio Franco, who, on the silver anniversary of his big-league debut, can't dig out details of the night that became the intro to an epic.

But the scraps of memory that do exist are historical artifacts, the last remnants of a banner day. No pictures, no souvenir balls, no jerseys -- just dusty recollections.

"Back then, you were so excited, you didn't think about those things," Franco, 48, said. "The greatest thing that I remember from that day is about 2 o'clock, I looked into Veterans Stadium. The first time you go in the Vet you go, 'Wow.' It's a pretty amazing ballpark."

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