April 21, 2007

Castro- A More Prominant Role?

Ramon Castro has busted out so far in this young season, behind only Carlos Beltran for the team lead for home runs, having 3 after today's game against the Atlanta Braves, while only seeing limited time.

Although Paul Lo Duca, who I love because of his contact hitting and fiery attitude, is such a great catcher for the Mets, both in the clubhouse and on the field, Ramon Castro has looked great off the bench and, let's face it, is a superior defensive catcher.

Now I'm not saying hand the job to Castro, but I'm saying if the Mets play 6 to 7 games a week, he should be playing maybe at least once a week or two of those, definitely the day-after-night game and maybe a night game.

I would like to see Castro take on a more Endy Chavez-esque role, playing a few games here and there for the starters, to give them a spell every once in a while.

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