April 13, 2007

Congratulations on 292

The Mets defeated the Phillies tonight by the score of 5-3 and in doing so Tom Glavine inched closer to his 300th win. Glavine gave Oliver Perez an on the field demonstration on how to effectively work through not having your best stuff. Perez was unable to find his command and imploded; he left the game in the third inning with bases loaded and three runs already across the board. Glavine also struggled early and allowed three runs by the second inning. But the cagey veteran was able to limit the damage and find enough control to give the club six solid innings. With only a three run deficit the team was able to rally and take the lead. Thanks to Glavine, the Pen only had to cover three innings and were able to lock the game down, to give Glavine his 292nd win.

"I was rushing in my delivery and rushing to try to make pitches," he said. "After the second inning, when I threw my warmup pitches in the third inning, I kind of tried to make a little conscious adjustment and it felt good. It felt like my pitches were a little bit better during the warmup and just tried to go with it, and it seemed to work." source Yahoo sports

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