April 12, 2007

Don't Trade Milledge

Ted Berg at SNY, writes about Lastings Milledge and why the Mets shouldn't think about trading him:

A common argument on message boards around the internet is that Milledge is expendable because the Mets have Carlos Gomez and Fernando Martinez in the fold. Not a good idea. Though I'm as excited as everyone else about the Mets' wealth of young outfield talent, I don't think that the surplus is enough of an excuse to rid the team of its most Major League ready replacement outfielder. If Willie really feels that Endy Chavez is best suited in a reserve role -- and all signs show that he does -- then Milledge would have to be the guy to step in if anything happens to Green or Alou. Plus, just because Carlos Beltran is young and strong and signed to a lengthy contract doesn't mean he's impervious to injury.

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