April 04, 2007

Hotfoot On Joe Buck

Over at Hotfoot, Sidd Finch talks about Joe Buck and being forced to listen to him on Extra Innings:

Being an out-of-market fan I'm forced to watch whatever feed MLB Extra Innings is willing to give me. Tonight's feed was out of St. Louis, and I spent my evening being annoyed by Joe Buck.

My favorite enlightened comment of the evening: "After Jose Reyes and David Wright, the Mets are a very old team...."Mr. Buck, when you add Oliver Perez, John Maine, Mike Pelfrey, Lastings Milledge, and Carlos Beltran to Jose Reyes and David Wright, are there many teams with a younger core nucleus?

In Buck's defense, he's not the only one I've heard this from---but I'm tired of hearing it nonetheless. Despite the fact that we have some older veterans that we're relying on, this is far from an old team.

Editor's Note: Sidd Finch, of course, refers to the fictious baseball "phenom" created by George Plimpton in an article for S.I. as an April Fool's joke almost 30 years ago, and is a "nom de plum" for someone on Hotfoot!

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