April 25, 2007

Is Wright Out Of His Slump?

John Delcos at Lo Hud, writes about David Wrighta and asks," After a 2-4 night, is Wright out of his slump?":

— David Wright went 2 for 4 to snap out of his slump. Maybe.

Wright, who came in 0 for his last 15 with 8 Ks, didn’t exactly tear the cover off the ball. He punched a single to right in his first at-bat and hit grounders in the next three. He singled in the ninth but, if you saw the replay, he was clearly out.

Not once in the two games I saw did Wright drive the ball with his usualy authority. He’s swinging at bad pitches and is trying to pull every fastball. I don’t like his approach, nor did I like it during his hitting streak to start the season, and feel like we’re going to be talking about a 2-for-29 rut in a few days.

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