April 13, 2007

Much Concern lies Under Good Start

Even though the Mets out scored the opposition fifty seven to twenty one so far and their record is six and three, I’m worried.

They’ve only hit five home runs this year so far and as a throw back to last year’s game seven NLCS, they can’t hit with the basses loaded (as evident last night). It just appears to me that the Mets are carrying around a stigma from last year. That the ghost of that devastating loss to a season that should have been, is going to carry with the Mets for a long time to come.

Here are some of the numbers from our power guys to support my case:

David Wright - .286 BA, 0 HR; 3 RBI
Carlos Delgado - .216 BA, 0 HR; 6 RBI

They’re supposed to be two of the biggest run producers for the team and they’re just not getting it done. And look at Carlos Beltran. The only home runs he hit so far have been agenst the Cardinals. With him, it’s almost an automatic assumption that he’ll blast one or two in a series agenst them.

The Mets, however are getting their run support from unlikely places this year. Jose Reyes, who is supposed to be a runs scored guy, has the most runs batted in on the team with eleven, Shawn Green is giving the Mets a reason to keep him around and Moises Alou is defying the masses again with a stellar April.

If all these factors weren’t in place, the Mets could very easily be where the Phillies find themselves, in the gutter.

All I can do as a Mets fan is get on my knees and pray that our big guys pick up the pace and earn the ridiculous pay that players seem to think they deserve now. If not, it’s going to be another long season as a Mets fan.

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