April 17, 2007

Pitching Putting In Extra Time

Stece Popper at North Jersey, writes about Rick Peterson and how he took advantage of the two rain outs:

"The opportunity is we can take a couple of our young guys and we can get a couple extra bullpen [sessions]. Things we worked on all through spring training, we have a couple extra sessions," Peterson said.

"That's another major factor for why this becomes a major opportunity. To take a pitch that we've been working on or a concept we've been working on and now we have an opportunity, which very seldom do you get in the course of a season, where you can get a couple extra sessions and really reinforce certain things that we're doing."

Between supervising the sessions for his pitchers, Peterson sat with manager Willie Randolph again, sorting through the options and shuffling the order of the rotation. The one constant is that Tom Glavine will stay on schedule, which puts him on the mound tonight -- weather permitting -- as the Mets play what is now a one-game series with the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park.

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