April 25, 2007

Smith Is Rolling

Kevin Kernan at The New York Post, writes about Joe Smith and how well he's doing this season so far:

Smith, 23, is one of the best stories of the young season, coming from nowhere to play a vital role in the Mets' bullpen. Considering the woes the Yankees are having with their bullpen, that makes the Joe Smith story that much more interesting.

"It really hasn't all sunk in yet," Smith said. "It's weird, I look around and see all these famous players and shake my head. Sometimes I'm out in the bullpen watching it on TV and then I look and say, 'Hey, I'm here.' It's weird, but it's awesome." Pitching coach Rick Peterson points out that Smith is no fluke.

"To get a guy to come in with that kind of poise with 30 minor-league innings is absolutely incredible," Peterson said. "He's way mature way beyond his years. It's absolutely phenomenal. He's coming in facing a lot of the middle of the lineups, which is pretty impressive.

"He's an intense kid, but he's got things in great perspective."

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