May 23, 2007

Castilla To Mets?

At MLB Trade Rumors, they write about the Twins possibly trading Luis Castilla to the Mets:

There's talk that if the Twins are more than five games out at the trading deadline, they'll start dealing veterans. An obvious one is Luis Castillo, earning $5.75MM this season. He has long been connected to the Mets. He almost signed with New York as a free agent and the team has tried trading for him before. Healey believes Lastings Milledge is too much to give up, so don't look for a straight up swap of those two. Though I imagine the Twins would love having Milledge to man center field in 2008.
Not a chance of the Twins getting Lastings Milledge for Castilla. But still, I wouldn't mind having him on the Met this year if Valentin has surgery and Easley falls off his rocketing start.

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