May 14, 2007

Floyd On His Return

Jeff Vorva at The Daily South Town, writes about Cliff Floyd and his return to Shea Stadium:

The former Thornwood High School star said the city is "incredible" and that he got along well with the fans. New York fans have a reputation of being tough on their athletes, but Floyd said he had no problems with them.

"They were cool. I played as hard as I could, and they knew that," Floyd said. "If there's one thing about playing in New York ... if you run hard and play hard, they love you."

Floyd hinted he won't be too emotional about returning to meet his former team.

"It's over with," Floyd said. "They passed me and I passed them. That's life. They have some new guys and new situations. I'm going to enjoy going back. It's a great place. They gave me opportunities for four years to play. Other than that, I'll go say 'What's up,' and that's it."

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