May 15, 2007

Former Met Update: Brian Bannister

Brian Bannister, who was traded for Ambiorix Burgos over the winter, has made three starts for the royals this year. Bannister has started three games this year and pitches tonight agenst the Athletics. He’s got a 0-2 record with a 4.60 ERA. Bannister has pitched 15.2 innings, allowed 12 runs (8 earned), struck out 7, walked 6, 17 hits and what I feel is by far his best number is no home runs.

Even with New York, Bannister walked a lot of batters. Early in the season he had a knack for somehow getting out of, just about, every jam he got himself into. But after he returned from the disabled list, his fortune turned.

Although it was a good trade for Omar and the Mets, I liked Bannister and wish him all the luck in his Major League career.

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