May 31, 2007

Good Guys

Character does matter, I remember the early/mid 90's teams with the drugs (alleged), bleach balloons and cherry bombs. They rushed in the stadium and rushed out, the most you ever got from them was "No Comment". Aside from not being a fan friendly group of players, they were hardly a team. On paper they looked great but they were missing two key element to winning, character and chemistry. Some will say that both are overrated and that teams win on talent alone, but then explain the Cardinals winning last year and the Yankees being 14 games out this year.

Omar has not always picked the best player available for the position, but what he has done is picked the best players for the team. This team is full of good guys and it's obvious they enjoy playing with each other. Yes, they have talent but it takes more then that to win and this team has it. What made me start this tirade is that Al from Mets Moments just returned from Florida and posted some great pics of the guys taking the time to pose with his kids. Good group of guys.

On a side note; my first experience with baseball was watching the Yankees winning back-to-back series in 77-78. I was too young to put my finger on it but I just didn't like the team, I now know it was their arrogance. In 1978 I attended my very first game, it was a day game at Shea against the Cubs. The Mets were awful and the stadium was empty, so much so that they let people with kids move down to the field seats. Lee Mazzilli played first base and at some point, whether it was a foul ball or third out he walked over and handed me the ball. I was nine years old and have been a Mets fan ever since. That ball logged more innings in the back yard then any other major league ball in history (at least in my mind). In true Mets fashion they were losing bad, my Grandfather gathered me up and we left to beat the crowd. In the tunnel on the way home, I listened as they tied it in the ninth and somewhere on the GSP I was devastated as they blew it in extra innings.

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