May 16, 2007

Mets Aquire Who?

Ed Ryan at Mets Fever (Nation Affiliate), writes about the Mets and their first trade of the season:

Rotoworld is reporting that the Mets have acquired 2nd baseman Jake Gautreau form the Indians for a player to be named later. If the Mets picked up a career minor league, second baseman then maybe this is a prelude to an Anderson Hernandez trade. While most of us are sick of his bat or lack there of, many small market teams would love his glove. I'm sure Hernandez has value especially in a package deal.

Mets acquired infielder-outfielder Jake Gautreau from the Indians for a player to be named or cash considerations.Just some depth for Triple-A New Orleans. Gautreau, the 14th overall pick by the Padres in 2001, ceased being a prospect years ago.

Gautreau was once a star at Tulane and a top prospect here's his scouting report from 2005, the illness referred to is ulcerative colitis:

Gautreau has a smooth, line-drive stroke from the left side of the plate. Some players just look like hitters, and Gautreau is one of them. He hasn’t hit for a tremendous average since his illness was discovered, but he has the capability, as evidenced by his .309 average at Eugene in 2001 and his .292 average in his first 73 games last season. He hasn’t shown a lot of home run power just yet either, but with the amount of doubles he is hitting (47 in 756 AB), he projects to have more than just double-digit HR power in the majors. One of Gautreau’s best attributes is his plate discipline. He has 94 walks already in his professional career, and has actually reduced his BB/AB ratio from 1:9 last year to 1:7 this season. Once his full strength returns, his combination of patience and hand-eye coordination should result in a second baseman that is far above average offensively. On the bases, Gautreau is not a speedster, but he has enough mobility for the Padres to move him around the infield, so he won’t be a base-clogger. As long as no one expects him to steal 10-15 bases a year, he will be fine. On defense, well, he is going to have to improve to become an average second baseman, but he is not horrible. His arm is better suited for second than third, and his quickness is adequate for the position, but not great. If his offense improves as expected, his defense will be good enough to complete the total package. source

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