May 25, 2007

Mets Fans, Don't panic...

Ed at The Blue,Orange And Green Cafe, writes about the Mets and how it's not time to panic, just yet:

A well pitched game by Tom Glavine goes for naught, as John Smoltz was better, and the offense couldn't get a damn thing done. Am I annoyed? Yes. Am I pissed? Yes. Am I thinking the Atlanta Curse is back? No! They don't give you prizes for winning a season series. They give you prizes for winning the division, pennant and World Series. There have been plenty of times division winners have lost season series to teams in their division, even inferior teams. But so long as you beat up on the rest of the league, things will work out in the end. Yes, a Braves series win could help them win the division, but, the Mets could still win the WC. I'm not going to recap the game, it was painful to watch. I'm not going to blame it on the umps either, though they did suck (that checked swing strike call on DW with the bases loaded was absolutely wrong.)

Here's the thing fans, the Mets are still in 1st. This, despite having some pitching issues (El Duque hurt, Pelfrey being not good) and despite an offense that has missed Delgado all year, DW for April, and recent slumps from Reyes and Beltran. Add to the injuries to Valentin and Alou, and the team has battled some adversity all year. But they are still in first at 29-17, 630 ball. And guess what, at this time last year, they were 28-18. Things aren't that bad.

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