May 31, 2007

Mets Shut Out For The First Time

Anthony Di Como at, writes about last night's 3-0 loss to the Giants:

Glavine turned in a typically solid seven innings for the Mets, but for the second straight game, he received far too little run support to make win No. 296 a reality. Instead, it was just another hard-luck loss, this time, 3-0, to the Giants -- marking the Mets' first shutout of the season.

"There's no way to make people understand what it feels like to go out there and do what you want to do and make pitches, and have bad results," Glavine said, "It's one of the probably single-most frustrating things that as a pitcher you deal with."

And it's something Glavine has now dealt with for quite some time. This time, he watched his seven innings of three-run ball turn sour. There was nothing more Glavine could do, as San Francisco's free-agent prize, Barry Zito, rendered the Mets helpless in seven scoreless innings of his own.

Perhaps most frustrating of all, there wasn't even much Glavine could have done about the three runs that sealed his fate. Two of those came in the first inning without any balls hit particularly hard, and the third came on a well-placed triple in the third.

"Chopper off home plate, blooper to center field, there's not a lot I can do," Glavine said of the first-inning rally. "Sometimes you run into bad luck."

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