May 11, 2007

More Trade Speculation

Ed Ryan at Mets Fever (Shea Nation Network), writes about another possible trade idea:

The Blue jays announced today the their star closer BJ Ryan will be lost for the season because he will under go Tommy John Surgery. That information coupled with the fact that the Blue jays are already 9.5 games out of first, had me wondering who might become available. Over the past two years the Blue jays have spent an alot of money and still aren't contending for a title.

It might be time to shed some of those contracts and build on some younger players. I don't think there's anyway they would part with Roy Holliday so I wouldn't even consider speculating over what it would take to obtain him. If the Jays completely collapse they entertain offers for AJ Burnett. In 2006 Burnett signed a 5y/55m contract which means he's signed through 2010. The 30 y/o has nine seasons of experience in which he compiled a record of 61-61 with an ERA 3.82. His first seven years were spent in the NL east with the Florida Marlins where he experience his greatest success, his best year came in 2005 when he went 12-12 with an ERA of 3.44. Burnett is struggling in the AL east his current record is 2-3 with a 5.09 ERA, which may bring his value down to a resonable rate. Would a can't miss prospect like, Humber and a long range prospect like Deolis Guerra; be enough, too much or just right.

Blue Jays closer B.J. Ryan will miss the rest of the season after having Tommy John surgery on his left elbow Thursday, a difficult blow for struggling Toronto.The Boston Red Sox are on top of the American League East because of strong pitching. Their potent offense is doing pretty well, too.

Tim Wakefield pitched seven sharp innings while the Red Sox roughed up RoyHalladay, beating Toronto 8-0 Thursday night in sending the Blue Jays to their ninth straight loss. source Yahoo sports

Editor's Note: (From David Rubin) - Never a Burnett fan, I am sure that Humber and Guerra are WAY too high a price to pay for his services, especially at the contract that he signed. There's no way, in my opinion, that Omar trades Guerra for anyone right now, in light of a.) the Kazmir fiasco and b.) the current cost of high-end starting pitching. I would doubt they'd entertain trading Humber, for the same 2 reasons. If a Santana comes available, then all cards are off the table, but short of that, I doubt either prospect would be traded. Now, if we're talking Aaron Heilman, especially after Mota comes back, I'd say we'd have to listen. Just one opinion...

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