May 09, 2007

My 2 Cents On Gotay And The Mets

If the Mets aren’t going to trade for a young Major League second baseman, then they shouldn’t trade Ruben Gotay for anyone.

In 2004, while with the Royals, Gotay hit .270 in 44 games. In 2005, however, he hit a mere .227 in 86 games. He may not be a superstar second baseman, but he’s young, has a little experience under his belt and the Mets seem to be taking to him well.

Currently he’s fielding at 1.000 in 17 innings. He’s not doing too bad with the bat either. In 12 at bats he’s hitting .250, with a home run and 3 RBI’s.

Maybe I’m just being a little judgmental. But if you’re going to trade away Jeff Keppinger (one of my favorite Mets prospects), than you better well have all intentions on keeping him around.

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