May 02, 2007

Omar Talks With Cabrera

Matt Watson at AOL Sports, writes about Mets GM Omar Minaya talking with Miguel Cabrera before yesterday's game:

When a front-office executive works for a team with a big payroll, and the opposing player is one who will be looking to cash in on a big contract once he leaves his cheapskate team in a few years.

Mets GM Omar Minaya was seen talking with Marlins slugger Miguel Cabrera for a good 10 minutes during Mets batting practice on Tuesday. I'd bet my house that Minaya wasn't so bold as to bring up Cabrera's free agency in 2010, but as the Sun-Sentinel points out, it's technically tampering no matter what the subject.

The Marlins almost certainly won't raise a stink about this -- team president David Samson and GM Larry Beinfest witnessed the exchange and apparently didn't try to intervene -- but if I were a Marlins fan I'd be uncomfortable. MLB should either enforce these rules or abolish them, because it's a farce the way they're selectively applied.

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