May 01, 2007

On My Mind

One of the questions running through my mind these days is, are the Mets going to resign Catcher Paul Lo Duca or let him walk? For some reason, this issue has been burning a hole in my mind since Lo Duca wanted to go for a contract extension and was denied by the Met.

If the Mets do, indeed, let Lo Duca walk, who are they going to get to replace him?

The simple solution would be to assign Ramon Castro to the starter’s role and sign a lesser catcher to back him up. Castro already is trusted by the Mets pitchers to call a good game and help with nagging base stealers. So far this season, Castro is hitting .240 in 25 at bats. To go along with that not so bad average, he’s got 3 home runs and 8 runs batted in.

So in a matter of an off season, the Mets backstop could go from an intense guy to a joker. That would be one big change to one of the most important positions on any team.

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