May 17, 2007

OP / ED: Gomez vs. Milledge

Ed Ryan at Mets Fever (Network Affiliate), compares Carlos Gomez's start in the Majors against Lastings Milledge's:

Last night while watching Carlos Gomez blossom into a major league player, I was wondering if Lastings Milledge got off to the same type of start. I recall that Milledge fell apart in Milwaukee and Boston, but couldn't remember how he was doing before that. For quite sometime the prospect reports have indicated that Gomez and Martinez have higher ceilings then Milledge. To be honest I thought maybe Milledge's off-field incidents were impacting his rankings because he is such a talented player. But after seeing Gomez's first two games I understand why people are so high on him, I just couldn't remember what type of start Lastings got off too. John Delcos of Lo Hud Journal must have been thinking the same thing as he made the following comments on his blog.

Gomez is the real deal. I covered Milledge’s first few games with the Mets last season and he didn’t have nearly the presence and confidence that Gomez has. He carries himself like a big leaguer even though he’s played only three games (he’s 4 for 9). Tonight he had two hits and two RBI. He should have had three hits but Aramis Ramirez made a ridiculous diving catch at third to rob him.

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