May 07, 2007

Player Update: Alou & Beltran

Mark Hale at The New York Post, writes about Moises Alou, Carlos Beltran and gives a status update on their health:

Alou has been battling a hurt left knee, and yesterday he didn't play for the third straight day.

Beltran's left quad is "a little sore," and in fact, he said it's been that way for a week.

Beltran, who said an MRI showed nothing, pinch hit yesterday and said he'll play tonight. Alou, who came out of Thursday's game because of the knee (he has arthritis and a mildly torn meniscus), saw a doctor yesterday.

"He saw less fluid than two days ago," Alou said, "so he was a little encouraged."

Alou's aiming to play tonight in San Francisco.

Asked about going on the DL, Alou replied: "I don't know. Walking around, I don't think so. But I won't find out till I go out there and try to play."

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