May 09, 2007

Second Thoughts

Ed Ryan at Mets Fever (Shea Nation Network), writes about second baseand what he now thinks:

Recently there was speculation that the Mets may look to trade for a second baseman. If Easley doesn't have the range to be an everyday player and Gotay doesn't have the bat for the major leagues, then the team will more then likely trade to fill the position. If both candidates struggle, waiting for Valentin to return and hoping that he's in April form while wearing a brace is a huge risk. But if the Mets do trade for a second baseman it would be a safe bet that he will be a veteran that is defense oriented.

A player that when Valentin returns can seamlessly platoon or become a utility bench player. At one time Omar was enamored with Jorge Cantu but now that he isn't hitting 24 Hrs a year, I think his defensive will rule him out. I still think Belliard would be a nice fit and he appears to be the odd man out with several players coming off the DL. Louis Castillo is a free agent at the end of the year and Minnesota being a small market, may move him if they can't resign him. The Cubs spent an awful lot of money this off season and haven't fared very well so far this year, if they don't turn it around maybe they decide to move Passiac, NJ native and second baseman Mark De Rosa. John Young of Shea Nation (Network affiliate) considered Freddy Sanchez, but I think he'd cost too much. Finally MLB Trade Rumors was speculating about trades the Brewers may make for their first push to the playoffs since the "80s". They have two perfect role player type second basemen, they'll look to move because of emerging young players and they need bull pen arms. Burgos or Urdaneta could easily be moved.

The most likely candidates are Tony Graffanino and Craig Counsell. Only one will be dealt, but when Braun arrives, one almost surely will be dealt, and that one is likely to be Graffanino. (Counsell is a better shortstop, and he's signed to a two-year deal.) Graffanino arrived via trade from the Royals last year for Jorge de la Rosa, and I wouldn't be surprised if he brings a similar haul this year: a decent-upside pitcher with no home in his current organization.

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