May 25, 2007

Something Has To Be Done


Now I’m not saying that the Mets loss was entirely blamed on the umpires last night, but they didn’t help matters much. I mean, come on, John Smoltz was on the mound for the Braves. He doesn’t need any help from anyone to disassemble any team he faces.

The call at second (Glavine’s pick off of Brian McCann) upset me the most. Not even the supposed third strike check swing of David Wright, with two outs, two strikes and the bases loaded, got me as heated as that. It was probably attributed to the fact that the second base umpire was Angel Hernandez. I’ve had a problem with him before, but none so bad until last year. That incident also involved John Smoltz.

Jose Lima was on the mound for the Mets and Smoltz for the Braves. Hernandez told Lo Duca that Lima wasn’t going to get the same leniency as Smoltz, because he wasn’t Smoltz. This eventually led to Lo Duca’s ejection when he did a mid air split, infront of Angel Hernandez, and spiked the ball at his feet. The Mets also lost that game.

Do the umpires prefer the Braves over the Mets? Did they want so badly to get Smoltz his 200th win so badly, that they were going to do anything in their power to ensure that happened?

I don’t know and I doubt that I ever will. I just know something has to be done about all of these bad calls by umpires. It’s not just happening to the Mets. It happens to every team and it has to stop at some point.

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