May 04, 2007

Sox Fire Sale

Greg Couch at The Chicago Sun-Times, writes about the White Sox and, maybe, a potential fire sale:

Using their smart-plan, the Sox, I think, are going to break this team up if it doesn't win soon. Sell off future free agents for low-priced prospects and start over.

That would mark the end of the World Series team.

The Sox are going to hit better. When that happens, they won't look so lethargic. But Darin Erstad is past his time. And he, Dye and Jim Thome are injuries waiting to happen, as their careers suggest. Meanwhile, Jose Contreras got old last year.

And can anyone bunt?

The Sox could have owned this town. But two philosophies, two opposing arrows, two directions.

It's only a month into the season. But write it down.

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