May 17, 2007

What Is A Met Fan To Do?

Carlos Gomez, in his second start, looked just as good, compared to his first start. He’s got a very nice fluid swing and some of the quickest hands I’ve seen from a prospect since Reyes in 2003.

Keith Hernandez said it best. When Gomez hit a single in last night’s game, he took a wide turn and thought about trying to stretch it into a double. Keith replied,” Uh oh, I think we have another Reyes on our hands.”

Gomez is now batting .444 in his two games and has a stolen base to go along with his two doubles and 2 RBI’s.

If Gomez keeps on hitting the way he has been, it raises the question “What are the Mets going to do?”

This of course is the good kind of problem. With Green, Chavez and Gomez all hitting the ball well, what is a Met fan to do?

Any Thoughts?

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