May 01, 2007

Who Should Come Up?

The Mets are seemingly falling from the sky at this point. They’re now a half a game out of first place to the Braves and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any easier. If this is truly our season, why can’t the Mets seem to gain any ground and separate themselves from the rest of the pack.

Now Moises Alou might go on the Disabled List. That leaves yet another gap to be filled by a player from the Minors. At this rate, we might as well be called the New York Zephyrs. So I guess we now have to sit around and wonder who might take his spot. With Endy Chavez ready to take over the playing time for Alou in right field, the Mets only need a bench player. Though this is going to weaken the bench more, it seems inevitable.

Let’s take a look at the potential roster filler from Triple A:

Carlos Gomez is doing what you want one of your star prospects doing, dominating. In twenty five games and ninety three at bats, Gomez in hitting.301, with 7 doubles, 2 triples, 9 RBI’s, and has an on base percentage of .387.

The Mets might not opt to bring the quick footed Gomez up to the Majors just yet, in fear of taking away consistent at bats from the prized prospect. So I’d give this option up, as it would take Green and Beltran going down at the same time as Alou to bring Gomez up to the Mets roster.

Ben Johnson isn’t faring too well in Triple A this year. Hitting only.238 in 28 at bats. He’s only sporting 1 double and 4 RBI’s so far. So I think it’s safe to say, Johnson is going nowhere but the Zephyr’s bus to face the next Triple A team.

Ricky Ledee is doing a mediocre job with the Zephyrs this season. Hitting .288 in 59 at bats. He’s also got 1 home run, 2 doubles and 13 RBI’s. If anybody, Ledee is going to be the one called up. He’s a veteran, and in no way is he viewed as a prized possession by the Mets.

So after the look at the three possibilities, it seems as though, Ricky Ledee better pack his bags and say goodbye to the youngsters for a little while because he’s going to be riding the pine for the Mets for a week or two.

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