May 11, 2007

Wright and Delgado Breaking Out?

...from brogna blog...

After the last game of the series against the Giants in San Francisco, which seemed to be a good omen towards David Wright and Carlos Delgado possibly breaking out of their slump, tonight was another good omen.

Wright hit his third home run of the season in the fourth inning against Brewers pitcher Jeff Suppan, a pitcher the Mets pursued lightly after they were denied Barry Zito, by those same Giants.

Three batters later, in that same bottom of the fourth, Delgado jacked one out, to give the Mets a nice little lead, that eventually went for a win.

...excellent job, men. wright, especially. when he's on, he's on, and after all the initial panic by mets fans for the entire month of april, i think he'll be on for a long time...

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