June 20, 2007

A Beacon Of Light

The bad news is that the Mets got shut out against the Twins last night. The part of that news that makes the loss easier to swallow is the fact that the pitcher on the mound was Johan Santana.

In the midst of yet another loss, there may be a beacon of light.

I know that we’ve already posted twice on Carlos Gomez today, but you couldn’t leave him out of this. Gomez had one of the four hits last night against Santana. That hit raised his batting average to a respectable .270. I know that it’s not a great average, but remember that he was hovering around the Mendoza line for a wile. That right there is enough for the Mets to feel a little better about the slide. I know, watching Gomez hit and run the bases makes my hart skip a beat to think about him hitting in a lineup with Reyes for many years to come.

So for the time being, Carlos Gomez takes the attention off of the mud slide losing streak the Mets find themselves in.

Perez vs. Baker tonight, things are looking up right now…

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