June 04, 2007

Blood In The Water

If any Met fan has been living under a rock for the last three weeks or so, then they didn’t know that the Mets have had a swarm of injury bugs biting at them. Although the team has continued to push forward without some of the key bats in the lineup, signs of weakness are starting to shine through.

With Valentin, Alou and Green on the disabled list and Beltran day to day, the seemingly impenetrable batting line up that the Mets boast, looks almost mortal now. We have Easley, Johnson, Chavez and Gomez manning their positions for the time being. This, however, has taken a huge bite out of the deep bench and, let’s faces it, they just aren’t sufficient replacements for their starting counter parts.

Teams have noticed this, and for the first time this season are getting a pretty good whiff of the blood in the water.

On Tuesday, the Mets are getting set to face the Phillies. If, at least, Beltran isn’t in the lineup, they are going to have a huge problem in defeating them.

We need our starters and we need them quick.

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