June 19, 2007

The Clock Is Ticking For The NL East

For some unknown reason the Braves went into a deep slump at the exact time the Mets did. That was very fortunate for the Mets and their fans, because the Braves could very easily be four or five games up on them right now. If there were ever a time for the Braves to catch the Mets, that was the time, because the Mets are about a month away from getting two, hopefully three, key pitchers back and solidifying their next National League East Championship.

Pedro Martinez and Dave Williams will be back right before, or after the All-Star break and Duanner Sanchez shouldn’t be too far behind.

If the Braves, Phillies, Marlins or Nationals can’t take the lead in the East by a good number of games before those three return, then I fully believe the Mets front office can start to order the Champaign.

With the return of Martinez, the Mets would probably move Sosa to the bullpen to accompany Williams and Sanchez. That, right there, will solidify the Mets shaky pen.

Proven blood in the club house is sure to get these Mets going and nothing will be able to stop them.Nothing.

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