June 04, 2007

Delgado's Ups and Downs

Matthew Cerrone at Mets Blog, writes about Carlos Delgado and his hitting streaks:

The every-other-month trend by Carlos Delgado continued last month, as you can see from below…

In April of last season he hit .298 (up), in May he hit .208 (down), in June he hit .291 (up), in July he hit .261 (down), in August he hit .291 (up), in September he hit .253 (down), during the playoffs in October he hit .353 (up), and this year, in April, he hit .188 (down) with one HR, but during May he hit .273 (up) with six home runs.For what it’s worth, in just 13 at-bats in June, Delgado is batting .154 (down), with a two-run home run.

Despite his awful April, if Delgado continues to hit as he has over the last month or so, he will end up hitting roughly .260 with 30 HR and 115 RBI.

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