June 26, 2007

Five Reasons To Like Wagner

Joe at Mets Today (Network Member), writes about Billy Wagner and gives five reasons why we should all like him:

Last night Billy “Country Time” Wagner pitched two solid innings of shutout relief, helping the Mets to their fourth straight victory.

Here are at least five great reasons to love Billy Wagner:
  1. He’s as humble as pie, as most good southern boys are.
  2. He says what’s on his mind, as most good southern boys do.
  3. He gives credit where credit is due. For example, last night, when asked about Pedro Feliciano, Wagner stated, “If we don’t have Feliciano in that situation, we probably don’t win the game. He’s the best pitcher in our bullpen by far. He’s the one who gets the toughest situations of anybody, and he gets the job done.” How can you NOT like Billy Wagner after that?
  4. He’ll take the heat and responsibility when he fails.

  5. He can put a 99-MPH fastball at the knees — with movement.

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