June 14, 2007

Hoping To End Losing Ways

John Klima at Mets.com, writes about the Mets losing streak and how they want to end it:

"We're not scoring runs, and we're not getting hits," first baseman Carlos Delgado said. "Let's bear down a little, let's focus a little, let's do what we need to do."

It won't be easy for the Mets, who entered the series finale losers of four consecutive series against quality opponents and facing Brad Penny on Wednesday and Clemens on Friday.

"The guys are not happy," manager Willie Randolph said. "They're not ready to cut their wrists or anything, but they know tonight is the time to get it done."

The Mets pitched well in the first two games, but the Dodgers bullpen was outstanding, putting an extra degree of pressure on the Mets to swing the bats.

"I don't think it's confidence," closer Billy Wagner said. "I think it's more along the lines of frustration. It's not a lack of effort. It's a lack of focus. You need a few things to go your way, but the only way to get that is to make it happen. For the last 12 games, we haven't done that."

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