June 12, 2007

How Willie Feels

David Lennon at Newsday, writes about the Mets slumop and what Manager Willie Randolph thinks of the situation:

Randolph's team is on a slippery slope after a sweep by the Phillies at Shea was made considerably worse by losing two of three to the defending American League champions at Comerica Park. The 15-7 whipping on Sunday left a particularly bad taste in the manager's mouth and Randolph thought it might be time for a little reminder about playing with maximum effort.

The message was a broad one, and Randolph hinted at his feelings to reporters yesterday. He talked about how some players have to be smarter at the plate and not have the attitude that they "own" RBIs in certain situations. Randolph stopped short of calling anyone selfish, but he also suggested the Mets' approach is not where it should be.

"Don't assume you own those RBIs," Randolph said. "There's somebody on deck behind you. It's a team. The ultimate goal is to get guys in."

Great, now we're a team of super stars. This doesn't look good...

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