June 25, 2007

In Your Face Thom Brennaman: Jose Reyes IS the Right Shortstop for the All Star Game

(from MetsLifer.com)
Anyone who watched Saturday's FOX game of the week (Yanks vs. Giants) may have heard Thom Brennaman make possibly the most idiotic statement of the year. He was going down the list of NL starters for the All Star game and got to Jose Reyes at shortstop to which he remarked, "Jose Reyes does not deserve to be the starter; that should be J.J. Hardy." He went on to claim that J.J. Hardy is the NL MVP this year.

I about lost it. Thankfully, Joe Girardi defended Reyes and said he disagreed with Thom Brennaman and Jose Reyes deserved to start the All Star Game. Still it irks me that Jose Reyes is getting no respect from announcers like Thom Brennaman after putting up staggering numbers through the first half of the season.

But I could be biased as I tend to dislike every announcer on FOX baseball games. That means you Tim McCarver.

Thankfully, Rob Neyer saw this game and defended Jose Reyes publicly in his blog for ESPN.com. Neyer writes:

"One thing that drives me crazy about writers and broadcasters is how they'll get something stuck in their head, and you're not getting it out of there with a titanium sledgehammer. Yes, there was a moment when J.J. Hardy looked like the National League's most valuable player. That moment was approximately May 25, when Hardy was batting .360 and (I believe) led the NL with 15 homers. That was then. Now, he's not anything like the most valuable player. He's not even the most valuable shortstop."

Well said, Mr. Neyer. For Rob Neyer's full post, click here. (ESPN insider)

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