June 04, 2007

Is Lofton For Hire?

Ed Ryan at Mets Fever (Shea Nation Network), wrote an article earlier this week about the White Sox possibly having a fire sale. Ed also hinted to the fact that the Mets could get their hands on outfielder Jermaine Dye to platoon with Alou and Green.

Dye isn’t hitting too well this season so far (.228 BA, 10 HR, 29 RBI, 2 SB). This won’t take the value of what the Sox are going to ask for him. I wouldn’t want to give up the young talent that would be needed to obtain Dye as, just, a platoon player. We’re looking at, at least, Lastings Milledge and Aaron Heilman. That money could be spent for a better position player, like a Teixeira (this won’t happen either).

If it’s a bench outfielder that the Mets are going to be after, than let it be Kenny Lofton. He’s a great veteran presence on and off the bench. He’s currently hitting .259 and has 4 home runs. But again, he’s definitely not worth multiple high ceiling prospects. So with many of our key pen guys on their way back, including the main set up man Dave Williams, I’d say give Texas Aaron Sele and Anderson Hernandez for Kenny Lofton.

What do you think?

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