June 14, 2007

Mets Should Get Floyd Back

There are a lot of rumors going around about outfielders for hire. From Jermaine Dye to Adam Dunn, we’ve heard it all.

Well take this into consideration.
The Cubs have an abundance of outfielders and a couple of needs. They could use bullpen help (like everyone) and maybe even a starting pitcher. What I propose is a trade between the Mets and the Cubs to bring home Cliff Floyd.

The Mets were probably not thinking when they let Cliff walk and brought in an outfielder who has a much worse track record on the disabled list.

Floyd has done everything asked of him n Chicago. He’s hitting .304, with 3 home runs and 24 runs batted in. Looks like Cliff is back to his normal self.

This could be what the Mets need to break out of this slump. An old face and his great attitude will be greatly welcomed back. Cliff will always remain one of my favorite Mets of the last four years. He did a great job while he was here on and off the field.

I know David Wright would be elated to welcome back his friend to the Mets. I know I would.

Mets give: Aaron Heilman, Jason Vargas and a low to mid level prospect

Cubs give: Cliff Floyd

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