June 05, 2007

Minor League Tracker: Andy Tracy

Andy Tracy, plays for Triple-A New Orleans Zephyrs, is a great Minor League first baseman. That’s about all you can say about this power hitting Zephyr.

Currently, Tracy’s hitting .291 and has 14 home runs. His best year came in 2004, while playing for Colorado Springs, where he hit .315 and had 33 home runs.

One would think that with these kinds of averages and power numbers, that he should have bee one of the great Major League first basemen. But none the less, when he seems to make it up to the Major League level, he flounders.

2000 (Expos) was the most that Tracy ever saw of the Majors in one season. He appeared in 83 games, were he hit .260 and had 11 home runs. He made a return to the Expos in 2001 and hit a mere .109 to go along with 2 home runs in 38 games. The Rockies gave him a shot in 2004 and he rewarded them with a 1.88 average and no home runs in 15 games.

Like I said in the beginning of this post, He’s a great Minor League Player.

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