June 11, 2007

Pressure On Mets To Trade Milledge

At MLB Trade Rumors, they write about the Mets and how they've been pressured to trade Lastings Milledge:

In general, it seems the New York media would like to see Lastings Milledge pushed out of town. They don't like his cocky attitude and can't comprehend his rap music. He's not seen as a humble team player.

Far more important, though, is that the 22 year-old still looks like he will be a very valuable center fielder. I keep going back to this post from Nate Silver in January. Milledge remains underrated, and his mild transgressions plus this year's foot injury may only further improve the opportunity to buy low. So he has too much swagger and said some standard stuff in a rap song? To me those are really weak reasons to trade a top prospect for fifty or seventy-five cents on the dollar.

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