June 12, 2007

Rios May Be Made Available

Every time I read a story on Alex Rios, possibly, being traded, I get all giddy.

Ed Ryan at Mets Fever wrote the following yesterday:

Rios is proving that last year wasn't a fluke; he's batting .289 with 14 HR’s and 36 RBIs. Rios' is on a one year contract at 2.5 million (source Cots Contract ) but is only arbitration eligible at the end of the year. With the Blue Jays struggling they may look to unload salary and pick-up some cheap starting pitching. Heilman, Vargas, Bostick and Lawrence are all backend of the rotation quality pitchers.

I love Rios so much that I have him on my fantasy league and consider him one of the untouchables on my roster.

If the Mets were to pick him up, however, there wouldn’t be a need for two of Lastings Milledge, Fernando Martinez or Carlos Gomez. That’s if the Mets could pry Rios out of the Blue Jays hands, which is probably not too good of a chance. I can only hope.

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