June 28, 2007

Something Needs To Be Done About Shoeneweis

At Mets Blog, Matthew Cerrone talks a little bit on Scott Schoeneweis and what it would take to move him to another team for just about anything.

This scenario makes a lot of sense if the Mets are after Jose Contreras, because then they could move Jorge Sosa to the bullpen when Shoe is moved. If you’re thinking that it makes the Mets pen righty heavy, remember that Dave Williams will be coming back shortly and could assume the lefty place in the pen with Feliciano and Wagner.

The million dollar question would be, who would take Shoe and how much of his contract would said team eat up?

Well what about St. Louis? They’re in desperate need of any kind of pitching. The Mets could eat up about half of Shoe’s contract (it’s better to bite this bullet) and get back one or some mid level prospects.

Shoe could also be thrown in with the Contreras deal. The Sox are also hurting for bullpen help and the mets may be able to come out of this deal with less of a pay off than the Cards would be willing to take.

At any rate, Shoe needs either to be placed on the Disabled List so he can clear his head or whatever it is that is causing him to pitch like he is, put down in the minors for a couple of months to do the same or to be flat out traded to clear the way for someone who won’t give up hits like it’s a going out of business sale.

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