June 01, 2007

Steroid Rant and Mota

"Memo to all the Mets fans who cheered Guillermo Mota while booing Barry Bonds: Please spare us all any further boisterous displays of your self-righteous moral indignation. We can no longer hear the planes flying over Shea Stadium because the hypocrisy is so loud."

George Brennan (The Rant, Newsday)

I know that New York isn’t too much of a forgiving fan base for any professional team. I’m sure that there were a number of fans who booed Mota two days ago. But here’s why I feel that Guillermo Mota doesn’t deserve to get booed, while Barry deserves everything negative that any fan can offer.

Mota apologized for the wrong that he did. He apologized to his teammates, to the Media, to his coaches and most importantly to the fans. Mota didn’t hide behind some cream or a vitamin shot, he stood up like a man should and admit when you’ve done wrong. Granted, he shouldn’t have ever done steroids, but hey George, have you ever done anything in your life that you wish you could have taken back? Bet you have. We all have. Just about the only thing that anybody asks, is that you stand up and take the punishment like a man.

Bonds has done none of these things and everyone under the sun knows that he has, for years, taken HGH. Just look at his before and after pictures. What does HGH do to you? It makes everything in your body grow (head, gut, and muscles to name just a few). Besides these characteristics, joint deterioration is the main set back. And what per say, has Bonds been suffering through for the past couple of years? That’s right, joint deterioration. He also refuses to talk to the media about anything, won’t admit any wrong doing that he may have done, when everyone knows that he’s done something.

Case in point, Mota came clean, even if just because he was caught, and asked for forgiveness. That’s the first time anyone as ever done this and I for one accept his apology. Leave the man alone and let his performance speak for its self.

John Young

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