June 08, 2007

What About Griffey?

ShineR at the Gotham Baseball Message Board, writes about Ken Griffey Jr. and askes if the Mets could aquire him:

We're not sure it's even possible to fall out of the NL Central race. But the Reds have given it a try, by losing 25 of their last 34 games. If that full gainer continues for another few weeks, then get ready for the birds of prey to start circling over these two guys. An official of one team that inquired about Griffey says Griffey has informed the Reds he won't oppose a trade "in the right scenario." But outside of the Braves, a club he has told friends for years he'd go to, it's tough to say what he'd consider "the right scenario."-ESPN.com (Jason Stark)

Stark Mentions the Braves, but why not the Mets, especially with them in need of bodies and the future uncertain for Moises Alou? Jr's on pace for 39 HR's, granted he plays at Great American Ballpark. If they can pull it off without losing prospects that would help them target Carlos Zambrano, their top priority, it could be intriguing.

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